Only a month ago!

Yes I’m actually adding another post only a month after my last one.  New record! Been spending a little bit of time in the shop working on odds and ends.  Getting caught up on miscellaneous stuff so i can get back into the blanket chests full tilt.  Even spent a day cleaning off the work bench, yes there was a bench underneath all that saw dust , scrape wood, and scrape paper with notes and measurements that i have no idea from what project.  Would like to finish up the jelly cupboard soon, as i’m sure it will look a lot nicer in the kitchen than the old computer desk that’s currently there.  It’s coming along slow but sure.


And I’ve really been trying to learn this woodturning lathe thing.  I know these small pieces probably won’t win any design awards, but their purpose was to practice technique, mainly on hollowing and fitting a lid.  Overall I was pleased with how they turned out.  Now I need to work on getting my sidewalls a little thinner than 1/2″ without fear of blowing out the side and launching a gouge up into the ceiling.


Well I did it, I actually entered two post in two months!  Guess I better shut er down for now before I become exhausted.  Need to conserve my energy so that I’m able to do some work on a project and post again next month.


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