Busy Month

Lets see, the coal stove needs cleaned out, along with the chimney, tractor snow blade needs removed and mower deck attached, deck plastic needs taken down, winter yard debris and sticks need raked up…….life is short, eat dessert first…… I’m going to the Chantilly WoodShow instead!

Actually been a pretty busy month.  Not so much in the way of making progress on any projects, but more in the way of planning and prep.  We decided to have a complete bathroom remodel done with work scheduled to start early April. (hoping construction doesn’t interfere with my Saturday night shower)  Only snag was we couldn’t find a medicine cabinet we liked, so decided I’d just build one to our own specs. (bet they finish the bathroom before I finish the cabinet)  This required a day trip to Middletown for  some Baltic Birch plywood. (no it doesn’t take a day to get to Middletown but with Deb along we had to stop to eat and a few other stops)  I’ve gotten birch ply from the box store before and for quality it’s worth the drive to Middletown.  Then I needed another day trip to Quarryville for the rest of the lumber for the project.  Also a few stops at glass and mirror places for info and pricing.  And managed to get in the Lancaster Carvers Show in Millersville along with a great family weekend with a few of the kids and grandkids.  So, it has been busy but not busy making a lot of sawdust.

The Chantilly Show is next door to a large craft show, SugarLoaf I think it’s called, so we’ll make a weekend of it.  Was there last year because of missing my normal Baltimore Show, and the craft show was pretty decent.  A lot of woodworking crafts and a lot of great ideas.  In fact thats why I now have two Singer treadle sewing machine bases sitting down stairs.  Hopefully one day they’ll turn into crafty looking little tables.  This will be the first wood show that the wife is going along, should be interesting. Hope she don’t take notice what woodworking machinery really costs!  Actually I’m really looking forward to it, nice little get away.

Oh well, maybe next month I’ll have some pics to post of actual finished projects.(good luck with that)


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