Back Again

Yes, I know, I was just in here posting three years ago, but what the hecks, let me add another post.  Truth is, I’ve been inspired by the kids’ Xmas present………


….that’s right, an official Meanderawl Workshop saw blade sign,  what a great gift!  Only now that I have an official like shop, I guess I’ll actually have to make something.  Of course I haven’t been totally idle, as you can see the wedding present blanket chests are well underway……


I think the wood has finally acclimated to the shop ambient temperature.  Kids these days just don’t seem to understand, I will cut no wood before it’s time.  After all, the weddings were only four years ago.   Perhaps with my new found inspiration I’ll get busy on this project too.  Guess I need to find the manual on the dovetail jig and refresh my memory on its use before I proceed.

I really do need to start spending more time in the shop, and in this blog.  Sounds like a New Years resolution.  Hope it works out better than previous resolutions, we’ll see.  Anyway, if things go as planned, I’ll be back with another post next year, oops, i mean next month.  Really




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