New Year

Well into the new year already and just finding time to add a few comments.  Did get my Christmas presents for my three girls finished in time.  They, my daughter and two daughter-in-laws, each got a scroll saw basket and a turned x-mas ornament.  Both projects were kinda new to me and didn’t turn out quite as well as I had hoped.  Fortunately they were only given as extras and were not the main gifts.  Anyway, I’m happy they got done in time.  Now I need to get started on those blanket chests!  I have actually started doing some figuring on how much wood I’ll need and what design changes I need to make from the first one.  Soon as the weather gets a little more stable I’ll be able to hook up the trailer and head down to Lancaster for materials.

Not much else going on in the shop right now, woodworking wise.  Have been spending time on adding some ceiling lighting and a few odds and ends.  Attended the Woodworking Show in Baltimore earlier in the month and picked up a few more gadgets and widgets that I don’t really need but seemed really cool at the time.  Sometime in the future, I’m sure the most frequent comment you’ll hear around here is “what was he ever planning to do with something like that.”  Hey, it’s a lot cheaper than golf, ohhhh, that’s right, I (try) do that too.

New Years Resolution #15 – Spend more time in the shop and updating the blog. (lots a luck with that!)

Oh yea, the baskets and ornaments:




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