Measure Once, Cut Twice

So I get the medicine cabinet doors put together, cut them twice and they’re still too small for the frame openings!!!


I did have enough sense to stain the panels before glueing the frame pieces together.  Now if I can only get them to fit in the cabinet.  What’s that?  Measure twice, cut once, ohhh I see now.  Someone once told me that what seperates a good woodworker from a soso woodworker is being able to fix your mistakes.  Maybe I fall somewhere in between.  A 1/4″ strip of matching wood glued to the door edges, sanded flush with the door, a coat of stain and you’d never know the doors were initially cut short to begin with.   Just wondering how much more I’d get done if I didn’t have to keep stopping to fix mistakes.


On to the mystery carving from my last post.  Made an attempt to incorporate some letter carving along with some chip carving.  Probably won’t get any calls to carve historic signage, but overall not bad. (looking at a picture, from a distance anyway)

IMG_1729    IMG_1733

And speaking of carving, Deb’s been spending some time out in the shop (yipee) and really isn’t doing too bad with a carving knife.


Started out with two oval eggs.  Ended up with, readers choice, bears, groundhogs or puppy dogs.  (If you pick puppy dogs she’ll be happy)


Wow, just realized I haven’t added anything to this site for a good while.  Just not a lot of time left when your teaching someone to carve (especially if you’re not sure yourself) and teaching yourself how to play the banjo besides. Don’t worry Earl, it will be awhile before I start taking your gigs from you.

Think I’ll save a few items I was going to post until next time.  May give me the incentive to get in here sooner than my normal couple of months.



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