A Family of Carvers

Seem to be getting everyone involved in some carving projects.  Latest addition from   daughter Emily. (bird in the middle)


Not bad coming from a square piece of stock with just a whittling knife.  Keep it up and someday u’ll be able to carve your own ukulele.

Haven’t been spending  much time in the shop, due to circumstances beyond my control, so not a lot of new stuff to add.  Just trying to get caught up a little and keep the blog from fading into oblivion.

Did forget to add a pic of the scroll saw basket I had been working on with the last entry so I’ll include it now.


These baskets are not difficult to do and look pretty good when done, but boy are they hard on the eyes, especially with bifocal glasses.

Did have the pleasure of spending a day at a fellow woodworkers shop a month or so ago and picked up some great advice and info on lathe work.  Ended up coming home with plans for a jig to turn log sections into usable turning blanks.


Start with half a log section and after a few simple adjustments and cuts end up with a nice cylinder shape turning blank.


Couldn’t wait to get home and put together my own jig, which now sits collecting dust until I work up enough energy to maybe cut some logs.


The jig I put together will cut circles from about 2″ diameter out to about 12 “.  Actually the jig will work nice for circle applications other than turning blanks.

There, got a little added to keep the blog active.  And to finish on a high note, one of the boys recently moved from North Carolina to the Philadelphia area.  About a two hour drive but a heck of a lot closer than the NC haul.  Might actually be able to get together once in awhile and do some turning together.  And even better yet, he’s within driving distance of a Woodcraft, life is good.

Blanket chest alert: was actually getting ready to move all out on the chest when we had a little set back which limited my shop time.  Have the dovetail jig all set up to make the main boxes, a pretty major step.  Now just need to find the time and energy to run a few test pieces and get moving on them again.  Patience grasshopper!

Till next time, “be the river”



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