Time Flys

Wow how time flys!  My goal this year was to post something here once a month.  Looks like I’m a little off my mark, but still pleased and doing a lot better than previous attempts.  Even being retired, I guess life sometimes still gets in the way of best intentions and plans.

Been a lot going on outside the woodshop lately keeping me from making sawdust and kindling.  Not to mention that as time passes its becoming even more important to get that afternoon siesta in.  Still working to finish up in the bathroom.  Hey, its only been four months since the contractor finished his part and I’m actually closing in on completing the job.  All that’s really left is the medicine cabinet and a new exhaust fan.


The medicine cabinet is almost finished and may even get to install it this weekend depending how much running around and eating out we end up doing.  Will be able to save some extra time by not watching football this Sunday since the Steelers apparently don’t plan on fielding a team this year.  My bad, I’m sure we were just toying with the Pats last week to lure them into a false sense of security before we meet them in the playoffs.  As far as the exhaust fan, just can’t seem to find anything we like to replace the old one.  Problem is finding one to fit the original hole, without having to re-drywall the ceiling.

One other minor task in the bathroom, a new basket for misc items on top of the toilet.


A simple oak scroll saw basket is in the works.  Had to modify the pattern slightly to get the size I needed but should still work.  Problem here is following those thin squigly lines with old eyes and bifocals.  Can only do a little at a time before you start seeing double.

Won’t be long before it starts getting colder. maybe staying home more and getting in a little more shop time. (to get back on the blanket chests , promise)  With that in mind, I’ll close out with a most appropriate quote I come across recently, “If a man says he’s going to fix something, he’ll fix it.  You don’t have to keep reminding him every six months.”



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