Blanket Chest Wood Chips Flying!

Here it is, Christmas Eve. Just finished a traditional Hunky Xmas Eve supper of fish, perogies and mushroom soup, mmmmm. Decided it would be a good time to sit, relax and get my last update in for the year. Lets start with the title, yes we’re making another run on the two blanket chests. And for a certain follower, yes the wood has finally acclimated sufficiently. Finally got done running test pieces and re-familiarizing myself with the dovetail jig and believe I have it dialed in to where I need it.

Now it’s just a matter of actually cutting the dovetails for both chests on all the front, back and side pieces.

One side done, eight boards , fifteen more sides to go. Then maybe have to do the pins or tails again to get the perfect fit! And some wonder why these things take so long. At least we’re back on em and hope to have them all done by the tenth year anniversary. Just joking, hopefully.

In the mean time, there are a few side projects going on just to keep it interesting. We have the epoxy cigar pen project going on.

Just waiting for the epoxy to dry completely hard. For some reason it seems to be taking longer than the past epoxy pens I’ve done. Hoping the self life hasn’t past on the epoxy. We’ll just wait awhile longer and see what happens.

And then there’s the bird house boot project. Not necessarily a wood working project but still something to do in the shop. Just need to figure out how to turn this boot into a house the birds will want to use.

If it works out it will be the new addition to the bird wall.

Then the birds will have a combat boot from each of the boys and a bootscootin boot from they’re sister.

Well that should about do it for this year. Really hoping to keep the blog a little more active in the coming year, but you never know. I should get going for now, need to go out and make sure the anti aircraft gun placement is ready to go. Don’t need no reindeer and fat guy landing on the roof damaging shingles and the chimney causing more work around here! What’s that? Who’s this Grinch fellow I keep hearing about? So, have a merry Christmas and a Happier New Year. And to all a good night.


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