Great Family Weekend

Well no finished project pics to post as i had hoped for in my last post.  But that’s alright because last weekend, actually the last weekend in March, we had a great family get together.  Not often we get all the kids and grandkids together at the same time, but we did and it was even better than getting a project finished.  Along with assorted other family and friends we had a very nice celebration for Lucas’s , the newest addition to the grandchild list, first birthday.  Good food, drink, family and friends, worked out much better than running a palm sander.

But wait, it gets even better!  Our oldest, Brandon, has become an aspiring wood turner since acquiring my old Rikon mini lathe.  In lieu of learning how to sharpen, and buying a sharpening system, we decided to go with the EasyWood Tools.  The new tools made the trip up with family from North Carolina and we were able to find time to give them a good workout in the shop.  I kind of liked how they worked but did find there to be a learning curve in holding, flat and straight as opposed to traditional gouges and chisels.  Particularly enjoyed using the round finishing tool on the inside of a bowl.  Transitioning from side to bottom seemed to go a lot smoother than with a bowl gouge.

Having never used traditional turning tools, Brandon seemed to be catching on more easily.  With a little practice he can soon become  a bona fide woodturner.  Already learned an important lesson in starting out without glasses and catching a chip in the eye.  Fortunately just a minor mishap and hopefully reinforces the need for googles, shield or safety glasses minimum.  Anyway, we were able to squeeze enough shop time in to go over a lot of basics and actually do some turning.

IMG_0222 (2)

His first ever bowl and mushroom.  I thought it was excellent for the first time out!  Keep that up and you’ll be renting space at craft shows before you know it.  Hope we were able to learn a little something from my limited knowledge base on wood turning.  If not, that’s what YouTube is for.

Overall, I’d have to say it was a great weekend.  Now it’s time to get the palm sander out and start working toward having some project pics ready for next month.  Oh, and btw, the bathroom remodel people started today, and no I haven’t started on the medicine cabinet yet!




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